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At Extreme Entertainment we have over 15 years experience.  We strive to be the best at every show.  We use only top of the line equipment in the industry.  I have been told many times that we have the largest song selection in the area.

We update our Karaoke and DJ music monthly AND anytime a customer requests a song that we don't have.  Rarely do we not have a song that a customer would like to sing or hear, but whenever that does happen, we will buy the song they want and have it by the next week unless it is a karaoke song that was never released.

We are available to provide DJ only OR DJ & Karaoke.  When we perform a DJ/Karaoke show we cater to the crowd.  Some people enjoy singing and some people enjoy listening to DJ music.  Most of the time people don't want to hear the same person singing over and over, so here is how we normally run a karaoke show:  We allow each singer to sign up to sing one song at a time.  After they have sang their song, then they can sign up for another song.  We will go through a rotation of karaoke singers and then we will play 3-5 requested DJ songs depending on how many people seem to want to hear music and/or dance.  Then we will go back to karaoke.  Over the years we have found that running the show this way normally keeps all of the customers happy.  If there is a certain type of music you don't want us to play, then we won't play it whether requested or not-it's your establishment and you have say on what types of songs you want played.  The type of music played is what will draw certain types of people to your establishment.

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